Surgical Procedures

Proliferative DiabeticOur unique quality assurance/surgical outcomes assessment program at Retina Consultants of Houston is led by two physicians and a registered nurse. It is created to routinely review our surgical procedures, the success rates, and ways to improve our quality of services to our valued patients. This ensures we provide the best retinal care to our patients.

Surgical Success Rates for Two Common Retinal Conditions: Macular Holes and Primary Retinal Detachments.

Macular Holes:
96% success rate among our surgeons in closing macular holes
100% success rate in acute/new macular holes
93% of patients experienced improvement or stability in their vision

These success rates are even higher than the percentages of surgical success typically reported in scientific literature.

Primary Retinal Detachment:
Average visual acuity before surgery was 20/200 (legally blind) and average visual acuity after surgery was 20/40 (considered driving vision in Texas).

94.7% of patients had successful reattached retina
15% of retinal detachment cases used in-office procedure called Pneumatic Retinopexy with no hospitalization resulted in total reattachment & no surgery.